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Our business is simple — we provide objective and accurate survey and polling results for a wide range of clientele. Clients include political candidates, political action committees, not for profit companies, consulting firms, media, universities, advocacy groups, and many more.

We survey on both issues and people. We dive as deep as needed, providing cross-tabs on multiple variables of continuous and discrete demographic and voter preference data. Our staff has strong statistical and six sigma knowledge, 10+ years of polling experience, and 20+ years of political campaign experience. We know what we are doing.

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An important key to success in running a successful campaign, whether it be a political campaign, or a business marketing campaign, is data. Data creates efficiencies and opportunities. MM Polling is your trusted source for obtaining data through polling and or surveys. Our proven methods can in many cases produce uncanny accuracy when it comes to outcomes of elections and or marketing success.

Polling and surveys from MM Polling can save enormous amounts of money by providing laser focused data points, so you know precisely where to target and who to target. This data can more than pay for itself and in many cases be the difference between success and failure.

Please provide information via our online express form to setup your free consultation with us. Our trained professionals will help show you which options are best to help provide you with the information and data points you need. MM Polling, your source for reliable and efficient polling data and surveys. Contact us today.

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Ogden and Fry Polling Surveying
CHICAGO, IL - MM Polling, conducted a 4-question poll for Ives for Governor on Wednesday, March 14, statewide regarding political preferences and favorability of potential Republican candidates with 787 respondents.
Illinois Statewide Coronavirus
CHICAGO, IL - MM Polling, conducted a five-question poll for the Northwest Side GOP Club on Wednesday May 6th, statewide regarding favorability of candidates and approval of executive handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic with 673 respondents.